Product Videography

Visuals play a decisive part in product marketing. Since customers can not examine a product physically in online stores, it is only visually that they can put their trust in your business. We make videos to create an image inside your customer’s mind after seeing the product video.

What’s included:

Standard Product Videography

We visualize to demonstrate all features of product.

Unboxing Product Videography

Our review videos inform about product descriptively.

Model-Based Product Videography

We make it on client’s demand with celebrities.

Aesthetic Product Videography

GetUp add extra value & emotion with this on product.


Business Videography

Corporate videos can help to showcase your company's profile, story, and background, along with its products and services. It builds trust easily, establishes credibility which shows people who work at the company to the audience. We produce, shoot, and process videos for our clients to have a greater brand image.

What’s included:

Standard Business Videography

We make it to promote campaigns, events etc.

Model-Based Business Videography

With artist,we bring confident look on-camera.

Aesthetic Business Videography

We shoot it with equip-ments to look modish.


2D Animation

2D tells stories or conveys messages by animating characters, objects, and backgrounds in a two-dimensional environment. The benefits of 2D animation as a promotional and marketing element, such as in advertisements, in mobile apps, and on websites. We build high-quality work for 2D animation that helps businesses to have a bigger outreach.

What’s included:

2D animated logo

Our logo making identifies brand as smart & eye-candy.

2D Animated Product Intro

GetUp creates great first impressions on products.

2D Animated Service Intro

We make attractive intro for businesses to look gorgeous.


Online Video Commercial

It creates a positive emotional connection with brands. It’s popular as the major players like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have proved the potential of video commercials, as 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day. We build video commercials for clients as it is extremely effective for informing and educating customers to covert sales.

What’s included:

Standard Online Video Commercial

We create to increase sales & awareness via online.

Premium Online Video Commercial

We make longer-form story-telling with higher values.