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Before Getup

Please take a look at the exact scenarios like how it was before.


After Getup

Discover and experience the magical output after our services.

Social media marketing nowadays plays a huge role in bringing messages to people in Bangladesh. To successfully reach your audience and stay competitive in the market, you need a social media marketing strategy for your company. Because it allows companies to stay connected with the audience, companies need social media and connectivity. 


In social media criteria, GetUp Limited promotes your brands & products through carefully crafted campaigns that engage with your customers online, drive up sales, and increase revenue from social media channels. A great social media program can do more than raise brand awareness – it can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website, increasing conversions, retaining customers, and increasing profits.


Here we are talking about DeshNet Broadband.


Desh Net Broadband Internet started its operation in 2018 with the commitment of quality internet service with high speed at an affordable price in Rangpur city. Desh Net Broadband Internet has introduced many new ideas and technologies to the internet industry with continuous improvement in the last three years. But last six months the ISP Company has not received expected customers. They have taken every necessary step to serve the best internet services to the regional customers. Desh Net Broadband then communicated with the GetUp team and shared the issues with us. After that, we deeply analyzed the activity performance of the company and found that they are not reaching out to the target audience appropriately due to a lack of reachability and engagement in social media with the target audience. As a result, the customers were unaware of the Deshnet Broadband services.

GetUp team has substantially researched and identified the issues for improvement with maintaining the company values. We have taken over the responsibility of the social media marketing part of the ISP Company. With a proper understanding of the services, tested formulas & advanced tools, we developed the content of overall Facebook pages, including Logo, Cover page, Social Media posts Etc. We also used the paid promotion strategy by boosting the target method from Facebook, delivering a massive organic engagement, way more than the company expectation.


At this stage, Deshnet Broadband is getting a massive customer base regularly in Rangpur city. Recently, the company owner informed us statistically about the sales revenue growth and new customer engagement. He praised our quality work and was extremely satisfied with the output.