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Baboi is Bangladesh's first ethical and shariah-compliant SME business financing platform. The company works with SME businesses to access digital financing facilities in line with Shariah and make the financing process easy, faster, and meaningful. The fintech company aims to contribute to the economic growth of Bangladesh, helping underbanked SME businesses. The company also wants to build a modern Islamic Finance ecosystem in Bangladesh for the sustainable development of Bangladesh.


Baboi team felt the importance of online visibility to reach its audience and communicated with GetUp Limited. As per the project contract with Baboi, the GetUp team takes responsibility for the overall development of the company's website to build a highly responsive and more customer-centric website for Baboi. 


Before beginning any execution, we conduct regular research and set implementation plans. After our in-depth research into the company's service issues, content, UI/UX designs, customers' expectations, and many more, we realized that Baboi has massive room to succeed on the digital platform. We started developing each of the pages, including the website's landing page with UI/UX, segmenting its services for better understanding by customers. After that, we developed content for the website to attract its target audience and input advanced SEO. The major thing we improvised for the company is developing the overall website content, making the website more informative to customers.


Finally, we analyzed the results after completing the project as the website became very responsive and attractive to its customers. As customer responsiveness increased massively, customer acquisition and loyalty revenues increased from the website and revenue generation. Moreover, we consider our success when clients are satisfied, and the financial technological firm "Baboi" informed us they are overwhelmed through our services.